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Naum Slutzky (1894-1965)

Naum Slutzky (1894-1965)

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W: 4cm (1.6")H: 5.5cm (2.2")


A unique piece designed 1950 -1955 when Slutzky was in London teaching at the Royal College of Art.

It is a simple form created from a circular disc of silver cut at four points, folded and flared, it is very finely finished, with handhade fittings.

Illustrated : No.88  in Monika Rudolph's biography, 'Naum Slutzky, Master Goldsmith of the Bauhaus' 1990.

Exhibited : Bauhaus &  Britain, Tate Britain 17th June- 17th November 2019.

Provenance:The workshop of Naum Slutzky 1965, the artists wife, and then by descent to the previous owner.