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Charles James Fox intaglio fob seal

Charles James Fox intaglio fob seal

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H: 2.2cm (0.9")

£1,100.00 Approx $1392.41, €1283.55

A remarkably fine intaglio portrait of the politician Charles James Fox (1749-1806)

Mounted in a gold fob seal, English c.1805-10

Intaglio 16mm x 12mm

Carved in cornelian with polished engraving this portrait is based on a marble bust of Fox which he sat for in 1804 by the renowned sculptor Nollekens, it was to be his final portrait, it shows Fox in the Roman style with defiantly fashionable short hair. This look was a departure from the powered wigs of the previous decade and was regarded in some circles as a nod to the European revolutionaries and republicans.

Charles had a long and outstanding political career, though he never became Prime Minister he held opposition and championed liberal causes such as the abolition of the slave trade and had sympathises with the American revolutionaries. He was extremely popular and despite his stand on the Americas, the Prince Regent possessed a portrait bust of him.