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William Pye (b.1938)

William Pye (b.1938)

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H: 32cm (12.6")L: 60cm (23.6")


William Pye (b.1938)

Little Plateau 1984

Bronze from an edition of 6

The artist comments on this piece:

 'Little Plateau draws its source from the different qualities of water - its stillness when deep and its rippling movement in shallow streams, waterfalls or rock pools. A glassy, still lake of water is contained in a bronze bowl, brim-full to a precisely levelled rim. From here water slips over a smooth weir, becoming increasingly turbulent as it descends over a rough surface down into a secluded pool, recalling the dark rock pools familiar along the Cornish coast. The water then reappears in a third state, with the rippling surface of fast-moving shallow water. This lower pool forms the central feature of an anamorphic projection, which appears as a circular disc of rippling water, when seen from a distance away'.

William Pye is a renowned sculptor who works in stone steel and bronze, his works are in public and private collections worldwide, many of these pieces are water related in outdoor public gardens and spaces.

In working order, will need to be set up with a pump and plinth, not included in the price.