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Tom Phillips CBE RA (b.1937)

Tom Phillips CBE RA (b.1937)

Code: 10316


W: 22cm (8.7")H: 26cm (10.2")


Watercolour gouache and pencil on pre printed found page.

Titled and dated 16.04.1968 (in roman figures)


Continuing his theme of customizing and changing found books, Tom Phillips has radically altered the way a child's 'dot to dot' colouring book is completed. He has drawn a series of intersecting lines forming a grid with the resulting squares and rectangles coloured with delicate gradations of watercolour. The result is an original work with the ghost of the printed work incomplete. 

The work is titled in  type  ' coloured in by tom phillips aged thirty  xvi.iv.lxviii .'