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Tom Phillips CBE RA (b.1937)

Tom Phillips CBE RA (b.1937)

Code: 10305


W: 6cm (2.4")H: 27cm (10.6")


Signed bottom, titled and dated 1969.

Collection of Nicholas and Elizabeth Luard - acquired directly from the artist in the 1970's.

A humument was invented by Tom Phillips after he purchased a book entitled ' A Human Document' in 1966 from an antiques depository in Peckham. He took the two words from the title and combined the beginnings and ends to form the new word.  Phillips dissected the book and each page was obscured in part to produce interesting meanings and phrases to make a new story. Each page was given a different treatment, beautifully illuminated, becoming both a poem and work of art.  The whole book was given the treatment and eventually was published in its entirety. Other books followed and were treated in the same way, the pages have been published as limited edition prints.

Original pages from the original 'Humument' are rarely available as they are mostly in the artists collection.

'Humument Fragment No.10'  was acquired directly from the artist by Nicholas and Elizabeth Luard, the founder of Private Eye and his wife the food writer.

Original pages from the original 'Humument' are very rare in 1984 Tom Phillips made an arrangement with the Sackler Archive to sell them the 367 illuminated pages in his posession, and any further works he made in this medium.

Tom Phillips continues with his humuments and they are now available as an iphone app.