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Salvador Dali (1904-1908) Birdman, l'homme oiseau

Salvador Dali (1904-1908) Birdman, l'homme oiseau

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H: 20.5cm (8.1")

£2,750.00 Approx $3782.67, €3220.14

Salvador Dali (1904-1989)

Birdman, L’Homme oiseau

Bronze with green patina


HC edition,  founder Georges Rudier, Paris

Provenance : Galerie de la Colombe Vallauris, France April 1986

Exhibited:  Dali,  Galerie de la Colombe 21st March – 31st June 1986

R. & N. Descharnes, Dalí, The Hard and the Soft, Sculptures and Objects, Azay le Rideau, 2004, no. 289 (another version illustrated p. 119).

This popular subject by Dali was conceived in 1968 and cast in a number of editions with variations by several founders.  Some editions have integral drum shaped bases others have an open gilt bronze cube base. These editions vary, some numbering up to 350 plus artists proofs and copies.

I have only seen this edition as an HC, which denotes that is a small number of casts outside the numbered edition, these normally run to about four copies but in Dali’s case I am sure these HC copies run into dozens or more to satisfy the international market for his work.  

Rene Galilea owner of the Galerie de la Colombe had been showing works by Picasso since the late 1950’s and held numerous exhibitions of his prints and pottery. Dali was another artist he frequently held exhibitions for which included prints and sculpture, a copy of the poster and certificate are in the photographs below.