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Roy Adzak (1927-1987)

Roy Adzak (1927-1987)

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W: 41cm (16.1")H: 34cm (13.4")


Canvas and plaster Relief by Roy Adzak, British Artist.1927-1987. Titled 'Cut Bottle' 1966.

Signed and dated Roy Adzak on reverse.

The artist wrote about this work in January 1967: "It has been reproduced in other colours at different diagonals. This format has also been made in horizontal and vertical sliding cut-planes. This series of cut bottle reliefs was started in 1964. It is a special part of my work, where I am interested in revealing the object's cubical dimensions and the many facets of its form".

"My work on the negatve forms started in 1956.When I made reliefs by imprinting objects into a plastic surface...By reducing all objects... to the same media, the form is then freed to reveal its abstract quality." These reliefs were based on casts made directly from the object itself.

Published in The Tate Gallery Report 1966-67, London 1967.