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Robyn Denny (1930-2014)

Robyn Denny (1930-2014)

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W: 33cm (13")H: 44cm (17.3")

£6,750.00 Approx $8544.3, €7876.31

Robyn Denny (1930-2014)

Painting - June '57

Signed and dated.

Oil on card with pastel

Provenance : Gimpel Fils

Original frame and backing board.

A good early example of Denny's work, produced prior to his first solo show at Gimpel Fils in 1958.

This work shows the complex build-up of paint over underlying colours which appear in fragments through the applied paint and stencilled letters and numbers. The card is mid brown in colour and the same as other works from this short period. The entire surface is covered including the white borders which have a lightly applied blue pastel or crayon which accents the texture of the white paint. The painting shows a range of surface reflections from matt through eggshell to gloss, all adding a further dimension to the work.