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Peter Kalkhof (1933-2014)

Peter Kalkhof (1933-2014)

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W: 35.5cm (14")H: 35.5cm (14")

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Peter Kalkhof (1933-2014)

Untitled 1965

Oil on canvas, signed and dated on reverse.


Peter Kalkhof lived and worked for more than 50 years in London but his abstract work was firmly rooted in his native Germany.

Born in Stassfurt, Saxony-Anhalt, but during his childhood his family were forced to flee westwards to escape the advance of Soviet forces in the second world war. After the war, he was able to study art, first in Braunschweig, then in Stuttgart.

Having graduated and keen to travel, in 1960 he spent a year at the Slade School of Art in London, followed by another year at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. In 1963,  he returned to London working as a lithographer at the Curwen Press and teaching part-time at Reading University,  in 1966, he was appointed a lecturer in fine art.

He lived in London for the rest of his life, making his home in Notting Hill Gate and maintaining a studio in north London. He travelled widely and exhibited regularly in London and Germany, retiring from the university in 1999.

Peter's work, which was greatly influenced by Wassily Kandinsky, trained in color chemigraphy his work was characterised by blocks of resonating colour and an interest in geometry, philosophy and other cultures, especially those of the orient and south Asia.  Kalkhof combined geometric shapes with a heightened palette of predominantly primary colors. 

He held strong convictions about art, in particular the power of organised colour and form to stimulate a heightened perception of the natural world. This was the essence of the message he strove to communicate as an artist and to instil in his students.

He held many one man shows in the UK at Annely Juda Fine Art and in Germany. His work is in public collections in the UK and Europe.