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Louis Chavignier (1922 - 1972) Fugue bronze

Louis Chavignier (1922 - 1972) Fugue bronze

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W: 9cm (3.5")H: 65cm (25.6")D: 7.5cm (3")


Louise Chavignier (1922-1972) French 

Title 'Fugue' c. 1960.

Bronze signed and numbered 3/6.


Born in 1922 in France, Chavignier entered the École des Beaux Arts in Toulouse in 1941, and his sculptural work soon became noticed, and he was awarded several major commissions and prizes during the 1950’s.  

1960 he was invited to participate in the XXX Venice Biennale where he met Giacometti, with whom he found an aesthetic kinship. The two became well aquainted in 1963 Giacometti drew Chavignier's portrait and  Chavignier sculpted Giacometti's portrait.

1961 held solo exhibitions in Switzerland and London.

1962 made a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts in, by this time he had established an  international reputation.

1965 Biennale Sao Paulo;

1967 French Pavilion of the Universal Exposition. 

1969 to 1972 he was professor of Sculpture at the École National des Beaux Arts, Paris, also teaching at l’UER d’Arts Plastiques, at La Sorbonne. 

He died at the age of fifty in 1972.

Throughout the 1970’s a number of important solo exhibitions and retrospectives of his work were held, including at Galerie Municipale, Vitry-sur-Seine, 1973; Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, 1977; Maison des Arts, Montbeliard, 1979; Maison de la Culture, Orleans, 1979.  In 1982 the European Biennale of Sculpture paid tribute to his work; and more recently, the Centre Noirot at Arras held a retrospective in 1989; and also the Musée Zadkine in Paris in 1996.