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Josep Clara (1878-1958)

Josep Clara (1878-1958)

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La Diosa (Goddess)

Bronze with brown patina

A Valsuani foundry

Edition of II / VIII

Cast by the family in the late 1960's

Very few bronzes were cast in his lifetime, certainly no numbered casts.

Clara was born in Catalonia in 1878, after attending art school in Spain he entered the Art School of Toulouse, France . In 1890, after his studies he moved to Paris where he met Rodin and decided to concentrate his career on sculpture. Whilst in Paris he became friends with Aristide Maillol. Maillol was working on his ‘Mediterranean’ series of compact nude sculptures - modern classicism. Clara was clearly influenced by what he saw and responded with a series of sculptures on a similar theme. Sitting figures, 'Rest' and 'La Diosa'.  Various states of this sculpture date from 1915 in large versions. This sculpture was conceived in this size in marble in 1928. It is in the Muse National Catalonia in 1929 a large version was installed in Placa Cataluyna, Barcelona for the Barcelona International Exposition.

In 1932 Clara moved permanently from Paris to Barcelona where he worked until his death in 1958.

The majority of his works are on display at the National Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona, others can be found in the Pompidou Centre, Paris and other collections worldwide.