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Boyd & Evans

Boyd & Evans

Code: 10481


W: 60cm (23.6")H: 60cm (23.6")


Fionnula Boyd & Leslie Evans,

Another Place 1973

Acrlic on canvas.

Provenance: Flowers Gallerey

Robert Heller Collection

A striking early work by the artist duo, they have been producing collaborative works based on photo montages since they met at as students in 1968. the early work was photographic montages taken by themselves and painstakingly transferred to canvas using spray and stencils.  In this case the result is a surreal British landscape, a moment of time caught in a breeze.

Boyd and Evans work has been exhibited worldwide and is represented in over 40 public and corporate collections, this rare work was from the collection of the late Robert Heller, partner in the Flowers Gallery.