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Nino D'Antonio Germano

Nino D'Antonio Germano

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Nino D’Antonio Germano

Necklace with classical masks.

Rome c.1960’s

18ct gold, signed.



This stunning vintage necklace sits beautifully in the neck, it is a rare piece by Germano and is in excellent condition.

Born in Rome in 1926 into the Alfonsi family of jewellers. Germano’s work is carried out in the traditional lost wax method. Each piece is sculpted and the wax cast from a plaster mould. Each mould can only be used a limited number of times resulting in a limited number of each design being made. His fine quality work is inspired by classical themes, indeed he was accomplished as a sculptor in bronze and a painter.  The jewellery was painstakingly made with each piece given an acid wash to produce an antique ‘bloom’ finish.